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Long Way Towards Democracy Indonesia

Given that this book was written based on his diaries & comments of the national newspapers at the time this book is like re-recordings of a political reality that a very tense moment. Even so the sides of tenderness, firmness in the midst of his, a son named nation B. J. Habibie also very clearly portrayed in this book (Hermawan K. Dipojono).

People with reform changed from vice president to president & then left the presidential chair, his lips terseyum & head upright. Applies to all constitutional, peaceful, without a drop darahpun the tertumpahkan, & then opened the door wide open for his successor leaders in order to fill the momentum-momentum that comes with more success (Hidayat Nur Wahid).

Many interesting things from the book B. J. Habibie "Decisive Decisive", many also draw from the author's personality, setelahmembaca book. However, do not miss if it concluded that: "Books & authors together in one word" Democracy ". That is the description of this book & it is also the key personalities that the author's devout Muslim. Thus proved that there is no contradiction at all between the establishment of democracy & the implementation of Islamic teachings (M. Quraish Shihab).

As those times move further into the past, the scale and scope of Habibie's achivement seems ever more astounding and Surprising. How was it that an administrative Technologist with weak political skills and almost no political support Indonesia could change so rapidly, decisively and fundamentally, and in ways that no one could have expected? (Robert E. Elson).

Misunderstanding as if President Habibie to create 'a ticking time bomb of disintegration' through desentralisasinya policy is something that departs from the argument that false & baseless (Ryaas Rashid).

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