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Di Bawah Lentera Merah - Riwayat Sarekat Islam Semarang 1917-1920 (ebook pdf)

Under the Red Lantern narrate a crucial period in the history of Indonesia that is when the seeds of the idea of nationhood began disemaikan, among others through organizing efforts. Through the data source of newspaper clippings between the years 1917-1920's and a successful interview is authentic to the historical figures who had left, the author tried to trace how the movement of Indonesia, what substansialnya ideas, and what kind of efforts made by the the SI of Semarang in the period of 1917.

Under the leadership of Semaoen, supporters of the SI derived from among the workers and small people. Substitution board is the first manifestation of the changes in the SI movement of Semarang menangah movement into movement of workers and peasants. When it becomes very important for the modern history of Indonesia as a milestone in the birth of the first Marxist movement in Indonesia. Another consideration why Under the Red Lantern is important is that this book is how the idea of photographing the transformation proceeds from the discourse of modernization of traditional to modern discourse. More specifically Soe Hok Gie, through this book, invites us to look at how local traditionalist leaders in 1917-an attempt to address changes in the 20th century who in one way or another, have contributed to make the premises as the nation faces today.

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