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Stop!!! Eating Human Fetus

This story was written by a journalist in Taiwan in connection with the rumors about the food strength and stamina enhancer is made from the juice / broth human fetus.

'Healthy Soup' which is believed to have stamina and strength made from fetal male human infants aged 6 to 8 months can be purchased perporsi for 3000-4000RMB (local currency). One businessman daerahTongWan factory owners in Taiwan still claim to be consuming 'Healthy Soup'. As a result, the 62-year-old man explained efficacy Healthy Soup'ini maintain its ability to be able to have sex several times a night.

The author was invited by businessman mentioned above to one restaurant that provides a 'Healthy Soup' in the city of San Fu - Canton, and was introduced to the restaurant chefs. The password for 'Healthy Soup' is BAIKUT. Restaurant cook foods such states is not easy in the can because they are not available 'ready stock'. Added also that the food should be presented in a fresh, not frozen. But if interested, they provide the placenta (placenta) which is believed to increase sexual arousal and also youthful drug. Restaurant chefs are saying if they want a Healthy Soup ', he suggested to come to a village outside the city where there are a couple whose wife was 8 months pregnant.

Also told that the wife previously had been pregnant 2 times, but the two children born with female gender. If this woman is born again, the 'Healthy Soup' can be obtained with the near future. How the 'Healthy Soup', as told by journalists who covered this story is as follows:
The fetus is a few months old, plus Pachan, Tongseng, Tongkui, Keichi, ginger, chicken meat and Baikut, in the team for 8 hours, after it is cooked properly cook the soup.

A few days later a source to contact the author at meberitahukan that there is a restaurant Thaisan already have stock for 'Healthy Soup'. Together with the entrepreneur, writer and photographer went to a restaurant in Thaisan to meet with the restaurant chef is no time wasted directly invited the group to tour the kitchen. Pieces on the board looks lifeless fetus no bigger than a cat. The chef explained that the fetus is 5 months old. Not explained how the purchase price, which must have hung a large-small, living-dead fetus and so on. This time, the price per serving 'Healthy Soup' stock of 3.500 RMB as being difficult to obtain. While preparing our order, with the open chef explained that the fetus is miscarried or the Drop, usually dead, can be purchased only by a few hundred RMB course, is if the date of birth and were still alive, could be as expensive as 2000 RMB.

Affairs of the baby was handed to the restaurant alive or dead, no witting. Once completed, 'Healthy Soup' served hot on the table, writers and photographers are not the guts to take a taste, after a visit in the kitchen, had lost all appetite, then quickly left them with a reason not feeling well. According to several sources, which consumed all of the fetus is a fetus a baby girl. Is this a result of China's government policy to require a child in a family in effect until now, or just because someone's favorite healthy food has reached a very wretched condition.

Please forward this story to everyone in order to avoid dissemination practices are inhumane. As a religious man and sensible, we are obliged to stop the acts of cannibalism in the form and for any reason. The human race is the nation that the highest degree of any creature on this earth, and the action is the real action does not come from human thinking sane.


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