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Facebooker admitted as a prophet

A man claiming mentioned himself as a messenger of God. He spread the belief that he is an apostle through blogs and facebook.

This information submitted by readers detikINET in the email received, Monday (16/11/2009). The man who claimed to be apostles used the name Sakti A. Sihite.

Sakti admitted in his blog began to get 'induction energy' since 2005. But the peak, according to pengatuan Sakti, is on September 13, 2007 when he claimed to see the spirit of God in the form of green light.

"The light / energy is voiced," you are the Messenger of Allah, you are rasulullah ... "over and over again. Three weeks later, I declare my apostolate," he wrote.

Sakti is said also uses Facebook to spread the faith. However, Sakti Facebook account closed and can only be seen by those who have become friends.

Teachings of Sakti can be seen as the teachings of Islam. Although there are some beliefs that seem different, for example, he chose to break their fast 30 minutes after Maghrib time.

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