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The Divine Message of The DNA_ Tuhan dalam Gen Kita

Author Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D.

Genetic characteristics are transmitted from generation to generation has been considered to be experts remained unchanged and necessary. However, recent studies indicate that environmental and external factors other work to change our genes. It is well known the role of physical factors and chemical, but in this book, dr. Kazuo Murakami offers a new perspective: what we think can activate positive genes on and off the negative genes. In other words, your potential is hidden in your genes.

Because the genetic code proved too complex that could not be formed at random, this fact proves that there is a greater force in this universe. Dr. Murakami calls it "The Great." He believed that all life came from that source, the origin. All cells have a similar shape. Therefore, life in all forms-human, animals, plants, and even single cells-must be respected and appreciated.

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