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Blue Ocean Strategy

If you are satisfied with the condition of your business is simply to survive, do not read this book. However, if you want to make changes, create a profitable enterprise for the next mass customers, employees, shareholders, and society, read this book.

Since the first, the companies engaged in direct competition with each other in pursuit of lasting growth and profitable. They fight for competitive advantage, snatch market share, and struggled to create differentiation. In fact, in industries that today's crowded, do not directly compete with others only produce "red ocean" of the bloody struggles of the rival for the shrinking pool of profits.

Berkerangka book challenges the company changes, large and small, amateur and top, public and private, high tech and low-to exit from the status quo, create a strategy that glorious future, and implement penjauhan themselves from competition with low cost. He emphasized the creation of a market space that do not have competitors, focus on the growing demand and move away from the competition, and efforts to maximize opportunities and minimize risk.

With overthrew the traditional thinking about strategy, Kim and Mauborgne have mapped "a new path and dare to win the future." They offer six principles that can be used by every company to formulate and implement blue ocean strategy successfully. The six principles show how to reconstruct market boundaries, focus on the big picture, beyond existing demand, designing a series of strategies properly, overcome organizational barriers, and integrate into the strategy ekskusi.

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