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Swedish playboy prince strikes up romance with glamour model who posed topless with a python

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden is dating glamour model Sofia Hellqvist, who has posed topless with a python draped around her body.
The relationship has not only shocked the playboy prince's prudish royal family, but also the entire nation.
Even for liberal and sexually open-minded Sweden, the prince’s choice of woman is over the top.

Sophia Hellqvist has started dating Prince Carl Philip of Sweden Prince Carl Philip

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden is dating glamour model Sofia Hellqvist

Sweden’s most wanted bachelor broke off his relationship with his long-term girlfriend after meeting Miss Hellqvist, but has steadily denied that he is dating anyone.
The Royal Palace has not denied the rumour on his new girl friend but refused to confirm it either.
But after this weekend, it seems a confirmation is no longer needed. The Prince and his new love were caught on tape as they left the Prince’s 140 square metre cottage in mid-Sweden where they spent the Easter holidays.
Dressed in casual jogging outfits and with caps, the picture revealed the obvious - they did not meet recently but have spent a lot of time together.

'Carl Philip has said that he is single so obviously this is kind of unexpected. Nor has she met his parents, the proper moment has not emerged if you know what I mean,' a friend of the prince told Swedish media.
Since Carl Philip broke up with his girlfriend of ten years, PR executive Emma Pernald, 29, the Swedes have expected them to make up and become a couple again.

Miss Hellqvist poses topless with a python draped around her body
Miss Hellqvist poses topless with a python draped around her body

But since news of his romance with the topless model emerged, the Prince of Sweden obviously has his mind set on something else.
'They have been flirting with each other since they first met 2008. But they have not become an item until now,' the friend said.
The Royal Palace refused to comment the romance. 'I have no comments', said Nina Eldh, Information Director at Sweden’s Royal Court.
Sources claimed that the Royal Family is in shock. Miss Hellqvist’s CV is not what they expected of their potential daughter-in-law.
As the only son of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, the prince was the heir to the throne for a few months after he was born in 1979.
But in 1980 the rules were changed and the principle of primogeniture was introduced.

Prince Philip recently broke up with his girlfriend of ten years, 
PR executive Emma Pernald
Prince Philip recently broke up with his girlfriend of ten years, PR executive Emma Pernald
His sister, Crown Princess Victoria is now heir.

'He comes across as the black sheep of the family,' a commentator on the Swedish Royal Family said yesterday.
'Now that he is no longer next in line to the throne, he does his own thing. He's a racing car driver and a bit of a wild child.'
Miss Hellqvist was a popular participant in Sweden’s version of notorious American reality show Paradise Hotel.
The show, which was a huge hit in Sweden, consisted mainly of lies, fights, sex orgies and alcohol.
Miss Hellqvist won viewers' support as he managed to kick the show’s most intriguing and hated woman out of the hotel.
A source told Sweden’s biggest selling daily that the prince's relationship with Miss Hellqvist has not made the King and Queen happy.
'The Royal family is not accepting her', the source said.
And Sweden’s most famous royal historian, Mr Herman Lindkvist, agreed.
'Considering that she has posed in Slitz (a Swedish men’s magazine) as well as a reality TV show I think this is almost impossible,' he said.
Miss Hellqvist’s walk on the wild side with porn star Jena Jameson is another example of her not-so-royal-style.
'We kissed and it was worth remembering. I did not think so much about how it felt but more about that I really did it.
'At the time I did not know how famous she is. But she was not bad. I think most people know that,' Miss Hellqvist told Swedish media.
'We were at a party in Las Vegas. She approached me and told me I was one of the cutest girls she had ever seen and I knew my boy friend back then liked her. We decided to take a picture when were making out. That was it,' Miss Hellqvist said.
On 19 June, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden will marry gym owner Daniel Westling in Stockholm.
The wedding is expected to draw a TV audience of several hundred millions world wide and will be the biggest media event ever in Sweden.
The big question now is whether the Crown Princess’ little brother will be allowed to bring his new love and make their romance official.

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