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Nuclear bunker put up for sale on eBay

The Cold War may be over, but those who fear the return of nuclear warfare could buy their very own bunker in Britain.
A shelter that was formerly used by the Royal Observer Corps has gone up for sale on eBay.
The starting bid was £500 but this had already risen to £19,500 by this morning.

  ebay bunker
Going underground: It may not be much to look at from above, but this plot in Derbyshire conceals a nuclear bunker for sale on eBay 

  eBay bunker
Bare necessities: The bunker is sparsely decorated although it does have electricity and a chemical toilet

Set in the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, the lot is being advertised as 'a rare opportunity to acquire a piece of Cold War history'.
Measuring 50ft by 50ft, it is on private farmland in an 'elevated position with panoramic views'.
The bunker, which is 'accessed via a metal hatch and shaft', lies 15ft underground and has two rooms - a chemical toilet and monitoring room - and two ventilation shafts.
Nuclear family: How to stay safe in the event of a nuclear explosion 

As well as furniture, the buyer will also receive a siren box, enamel bucket, jerry cans and rope for hauling heavy items up the shaft, said the advert.
The bunker came into service in 1959 and was used by the Royal Observer Corps, a civilian defence organisation composed mainly of volunteers who had the task of reporting nuclear attack and fallout.
eBay bunkerThe shelter was fully operational until 1991 when it was decommissioned as the Soviet Union collapsed.

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