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German protesters strip-off in demonstration against full-body airport scanners

The argument surrounding full-body scanners has been taken to a more personal level in Germany - with a series of naked protests dubbed 'fleshmobs'.

Groups of demonstrators have stripped off at airports in Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf in reaction to the news that officials are considering installing the scanners during the coming year.

A number of governments around the world are looking at using the controversial technology in a bid to boost airport security.

Members of the 'Piraten Partei' walk through the airport
Checking in: Members of the 'Piraten Partei' walk through Berlin-Tegel airport

Critics say the scanners violate travellers' right to privacy, and fears have been raised about child protection laws.

The demonstration was organised by the Piraten Partei (Pirate Party) - a group who say on their website that they stand up for 'civil liberties'.

Protestors, using the motto 'you do not need to scan us - we are already naked', scrawled messages on their bodies including 'something to hide?' and 'be a good citizen – drop your pants'.

Members of the 'Piraten Partei' hold a banner
Fleshmob: The group say they are standing up for civil liberties and are protesting at full-body scanners

Travellers were handed leaflets by the group as they walked through the airports with a Pirate Party banner.
Champions of the devices - which not only reveal hidden weapons or explosives but also breast enlargements and a hazy outline of travellers' genitals - say it will hasten security checks.

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