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How our favourite celebrities might look in ten years' time

What a difference a decade makes. This is how some of our most familiar faces could look ten years from now.

There's a sprinkling of grey hair, a smattering of wrinkles and a definite downward trend in jowls.

But then, another ten years of parties, movie premieres, family life and fame have to make a mark.

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham

Victoria’s reign: How Posh might look with another decade etched on her face

Victoria Beckham, for instance, looks far more careworn at 45 than she does now – but then three teenage sons is enough to turn any mother's hair grey. (Victoria, however, remains a glossy brunette).

Husband David, whose looks are as lucrative as his football, seems more Golden Oldie than Golden Balls at the grand old age of 44.

And Madonna at 60 plus looks more like a Material Grandmother than Material Girl.
The faces are the work of Washington-based forensic artist Joe Mullins.
David Beckham David Beckham
David Beckham: The footballer seems more Golden Oldie than Golden Balls

Madonna: At 60 she could be more of a Material Grandmother than Material Girl

He looked into the future by taking recent photographs of the stars and adjusting them to look ten years older.

He took into account each of the stars' lifestyles to predict how they might look in 2020.

He suggests that being a mother to a big family could have taken its toll on Angelina Jolie by the time she is 44.

Her partner Brad Pitt appears as a still suave silver-haired 56-year-old.

Mum’s the word: Having a big family could have taken its toll on Angelina Jolie

Silver fox: Brad Pitt will still look suave as a 56-year-old

Paris Hilton at 38 appears to be paying the price for years of late nights out on the town.

But Britney Spears fares a little better. Getting her life back on track after her spectacular fall from grace last year leaves her with only a few laughter lines at 38.

'This is what the celebrities would probably look like if they didn't take care of themselves. I've given them ten hard years,' Mr Mullins said. 'Perhaps they can hang these pictures on the bathroom mirror as motivation to live healthy.'

Bad heir day: Paris Hilton appears to be paying the price for years of late nights

Britney SpearsBritney Spears

Still smiling: The years are kind to Britney Spears with only a few lines at 38

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