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Tiger Woods overdose written on hospital chart

As allegations of serial infidelity continue to mount, there are now questions about Tiger Woods’ possible addiction to painkillers and other prescription drugs. What role did controlled substances play in the golfer’s Nov. 27 car crash? Did the world’s most prolific golfer suffer an overdose?


While claims Tiger may have been high after a possible overdose of Vicodin and Ambien when he slammed his Cadillac Escalade into a tree and hydrant, last month, Gerald Posner — Chief Investigative Reporter for The Daily –tells Access Hollywood that reports of Tiger’s addiction to pills and sleeping agents have floating around for ages and the Florida Highway Patrol should have done a better job of investigating the sportsman’s suspicious accident.

“The Florida Highway Patrol didn’t do their job. They didn’t give him a breathalyzer, a urine test or blood test so no test that night on Tiger Woods to see if in fact he was on any type of medication that he shouldn’t have been on,” Posner said in an interview with the newsmagazine on Monday.

Tiger has a history of knee problems going back to his childhood. He has had four surgeries, including knee reconstruction after the 2008 U.S. Open. Posner suggest Tiger may have become dependent on prescriptions around that time:

“One doctor felt concerned enough to raise the question with him of whether he was using painkiller medications and also sleeping agents at too fast of a rate and whether he might become addicted,” Posner claims. “He plays through U.S. open… He grimaces at times on different holes, 91 holes. He wins, it becomes a legendary victory,” he added. “But there’s little doubt that he could not have gone through that Open without some type of prescription pain help.”

The Florida Highway Patrol is now stepped forward with claims that Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s wife, may have witnessed the athlete drinking and downing pills before the collision.

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