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The most wanted men in Britain: Hiding in the UK, Europe's most dangerous men

These are the faces of the ten most dangerous foreign criminals hiding in Britain.

Suspected of crimes including murder, rape and torture in their own country, the ten are fugitives from Eastern Europe and America.

Police have taken the rare step of releasing their pictures in an attempt to bring them to justice.
Most of them will have entered the country legally, leaving Poland, Lithuania and Romania before European arrest warrants were issued.

Wanted men
Top row, from left: Dariusz Glowacki, Wojciech Glowacki, Tomasz Galas, Marcin Grabowski and Zbigniew Kawecki. Bottom row, from left: Florin Dumitru, Gintautas Rupslaukis, John McLean, Giedrius Rimidis and Neculai Margineau

Among them are two brothers Wojciech, 28, and Dariusz Glowacki, aged 32, suspected of carrying out a horrific sex attack in Poland on a young girl under the age of 18 who was savagely beaten before her attackers took turns to rape her in January 2002.

The brothers, who have been linked to Slough and Acton in West London, are also wanted over two sex attacks in the same region of Zelechow in the Mazowieckie province of Poland, which took place in September 2000 and December 2001.

Police also want to trace Romanian Neculai Margineau, 49, who is alleged to have punched and kicked a farmer to death after he was caught stealing livestock from a farm in Serbesti in the industrial region of Bacau in Romania in May 1998.

The murder suspect is thought to have connections to Mitcham, Surrey and Enfield, North London.

A Lithuanian gangster wanted in his own country for kidnap, robbery, torture and extortion is also on the list.
Gintautas Rupslaukis, aged 36, is accused of ambushing a taxi and kidnapping two men, torturing them for three days before his captives agreed to sign debt receipts.

After the kidnapping in April 2003 near Kaunas City, Lithuania, Rupslaukis is thought to have gone on the run and he has been associated with the Manchester area.

The gallery of rogues also includes a Briton wanted in the United States for stealing £55,000 of computer and TV equipment from a university.

John McLean, 23, who has previously been linked to Tower Hamlets, in East London and High Wycombe, is being sought over a burglary in February 2006 at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

The manhunt, codenamed Operation Sunfire, has so far been unable to identify where the criminals are hiding but all are believed to have links to the London area.

The public are being urged not to approach the men who are considered highly dangerous and may be armed.

It is not known if the villains have carried out any further attacks whilst living in Britain.

European warrants for their arrest were issued between Summer 2008 and August this year, although police believe some of them had been in this country for a considerable period of time before that.

The Metropolitan Police received a total of 451 requests for extradition between April and November this year from European countries.

Of those, 291 have been arrested so far.

Detective Sergeant Dean Coyle, in charge of the operation by the Met Extradition Unit, said these 10 were the most dangerous.

He said: 'We are hoping the public's vigilance can help us in tracing these men.

'Many are considered dangerous and should not be approached, however if you spot them or believe you know where they are living, working or frequenting then I would urge you to give Crimestoppers a call so that my team can find and arrest them.

'The countries where these crimes happened want these men back to face justice for these offences and it is in the interests of London to help find them.'

Wanted: Who are they and where are they hiding?

Below are pictures and profiles of the dangerous men, detailing who they are, what crimes they are accused of committing and where they are believed to be hiding.

Anyone with information about any of the men is asked to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Dariusz GlowackiWojciech Glowacki


Wanted by Poland. Dariusz, 32, and his younger brother Wojciech, 28, are suspected of beating and raping a young girl in Zelechow, in the Mazowieckie province of Poland on January 1, 2002.

The brothers are also wanted for two sex attacks in the same region in December 2001 and September 2000.

Both have been linked to the areas of Acton, West London, and Slough, Berkshire.

Giedrius RimidisTomasz Galas


Rimidis: Wanted by Lithuania. The 24-year-old is wanted for a rape in the town of Klaipeda, on July 18, 2008. He has connections with Leyton and other parts of East London.

Galas: Wanted by Poland. The 28-year-old is suspected of an attempted rape and drug smuggling. He has been linked with Croydon and London.

Zbigniew KaweckiFlorin Dumitru


Kawecki: Wanted by Poland. The 55-year-old is being hunted over an extortion between May and September 2004, in Lublin, Poland. He has been linked to the Greenford, West London, and Middlesex areas.
Dumitru: Wanted by Romania. The 22-year-old is accused of robbing a wealthy businessman in March, after breaking into his home and threatening to shoot him and stealing a safe. He has connections in Birmingham.
Gintautas RupslaukisMarcin Grabowski


Rupslaukis: Wanted by Lithuania. The 36-yearold is wanted for kidnap, robbery and extortion in April 2003. Linked to Manchester.

Grabowski: Wanted by Poland. The 32-yearold is wanted for an attempt to kill a man on June 24, 2007, in Suwalki in a machine gun attack in a bar. He has been linked to Middlesex.

Neculai MargineauJohn McLean


Margineau: Wanted by Romania. The 49-year-old is suspected of beating a farmer to death when he was caught stealing livestock from his farm on May 19, 1998. Margineau has been linked to Mitcham, Surrey and North Enfield in London.

McLean: Wanted by the U.S. The Briton, 23, is wanted over a £55,000 burglary from an American university in Fairfax, Virginia on February 13, 2006. He has links to Tower Hamlets, London and High Wycombe.

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