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Rumor Claims Lil Wayne Murdered

lil wayne murdered

After a brief lull of maybe two weeks, the fake celebrity death circuit is back with a new rumor claiming Lil Wayne has been murdered.

Going for gold in the story stakes, the Lil Wayne murdered rumor claims that Lil Wayne “is the latest victim of the notorious feud between the Bloods And Crips.”

The report, allegedly attributed to the BBC, continues be saying that “shortly after performing at the New Orleans Arena, Lil Wayne was involved in an altercation with members of rival gang the ‘Crips’, and brutally shot 6 times with a semi automatic 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun.”

“Paramedics rushed to the scene and attempted to resuscitate the rapper, however were unable to prevent colossal blood losses and Dwayne Carter was pronounced dead at 02:36 Am, November 1st,shortly after arriving at Tulane University Hospital.”

I’m scoring it at 7/10 for originality, but not higher because a variation on the Bloods and Crips murder story has been used before. Still, it’s a marked improvement on the over-used car crashes we’ve seen in fake celebrity deaths lately.

For the record, Lil Wayne is not dead, Lil Wayne has not been murdered, end of story.

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