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Indonesia breaks world record for most sky lanterns

Thousands of people flooded into a field beside Carnival beach in Ancol, north Jakarta, to participate in the record breaking attempt. The participants included people of all ages, hailing from different communities, ethnic groups and even countries.

"This is basically to inspire our members all around the world that with AFC (Annual Freedom Celebration) anything can happen, it's basically to change their mind set," said event chairman W.S. Yong.

In order to prepare them, participants first filled the lanterns with air to create their tubular shape by gently swaying them from side to side.

A candle inside each one was then lit and the lanterns were held for some three to five minutes whilst the hot air began to circulate in advance of the simultaneous release.

Present to verify the record breaking attempt was Guinness World Records representative Lucia Sinigagliesi.

"We don't yet have the final number because we are still checking on the numbers, but for sure it's beaten the previous one and for sure its going be a number higher than ten-thousand lanterns flown together," she said.

The event provided an awesome sight for miles around as thousands of flickering lanterns drifted skywards.

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