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Email From Tiger to Mistress Details Fantasy Between Her, Derek Jeter and David Boreanaz

Golfer Tiger Woods watches on the Colts sidelines as the Indianapolis Colts take on the Miami Dolphins at Land Shark Stadium on September 21, 2009 in Miami, Florida. The Colts defeated the Dolphins 27-23. 

The slow-moving disaster that is the the Tiger Woods scandal just keeps on getting worse. Today, Us Weekly released an email from Woods to his alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel, in which Woods details an erotic fantasy between her, baseball star Derek Jeter, and actor David Boreanaz -- two other celebs that Uchitel has been linked to in the past.

The email, which Uchitel reportedly forwarded along to friends, has Woods writing about a "disturbing dream" he had. "I had a dream we were married and I was leading the tournament. I came home, excited to see you, and there you were in the bedroom getting f---ed by Derek [Jeter] and David [Boreanaz]. Some part of me thinks you would like that."

Woods goes on to say that the vision has gotten him riled up. "Now I can't get back to sleep. My body is tired, but my mind is awake. Need an Ambien."

This comes as Radar Online reports that Woods and Uchitel would use Ambien -- a sedative prescribed for insomnia -- while making love. Uchitel allegedly told a friend, "You know you have crazier sex on Ambien - you get into that Ambien haze. We have crazy Ambien sex.”

It should also be noted that Woods' wife Elin Nordegren handed over two bottles of prescription medication to police officers shortly after his early-morning crash, though at the time TMZ reported they were pain medications. Several high-profile cases, including Rep. Patrick Kennedy, have occurred recently with people driving and crashing while taking the sleeping pill.

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