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Creasing up: Banking on a funny photo with the 'moneyfacing' craze sweeping the web

Following hot on the heels of lining up vintage album sleeves with people's faces is the latest internet craze - 'moneyfacing'.

Photographs of folded-over banknotes placed in front of a person's half-visible face are littering the web.

A truly international pastime, the notes being used come from as far afield as Singapore and the US.

Closer to home, many Britons are having fun with our own banknotes. The Queen is proving to be the most popular, followed by Sir Edward Elgar and Sir John Houblon.

Playing with money
Dead ringer: The art of 'moneyfacing' is the latest internet craze. This woman looks surprisingly like the Queen

Playing with moneyPlaying with money

Fun with a £20 note: Manipulating the image of the Queen (left) and Sir Edward Elgar (right)

Playing with moneyPlaying with money
Back of a £50 note: Making the most of the curly hairpiece belonging to Sir John Houblon, the first Governor of the Bank of England

Playing with moneyPlaying with money

Money shot: Sir Edward Elgar again (left) and a Canadian banknote depicting the Queen (right)

Playing with money
Presidential: Folding a $5 bill to use the top half of Abraham Lincoln's visage

Playing with money
Pay and display: Singapore banknotes show the country's first president, Yusof bin Ishak

Playing with money
A Malaysian man has fun using a banknote with the country's first Supreme Head of State Abdul Rahman on it


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