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What Will Happen in 2012?

Major disaster will hit our planet! Year 2012 is the year in which all humans will end, the earth will be destroyed and there will be no life left! At least it was a very feared by many people. The various reactions of the year 2012 this happened, and even Hollywood movie with the title immediately flooded with 2012 spectators.

The phenomenon of 'fear of the year 2012' This happens when one study found that the calendar of the Indians Ancient Maya called on December 21, 2012 is the end of the world. Maya Indian nation is known as a tribe that has a calendar date of the most advanced calculations and the best in the world in taking into account the various positions of stars and celestial objects in the sky. So, does that mean no more dates after that date? Or in other words, all life stops? LAST DAY! really so?

Some communities have emerged in the community with its own theories to explain about what happened on that date, and almost quasi led to major disasters, without being able to explain the future of the earth after that date.

1. Reversal Theory of the Earth Magnetic Field Direction

Some scientists say that by that date will be the earth's magnetic field reversal which occurs because the wind was so intense sun (explosion on the sun's surface that has a long tongue of flame thousands of kilometers) with a force equal to approximately 100 billion explosion of Atomic Bomb!

Experts believe that the Earth was supposed to make this shift, and experts believe that the shift occurred in the last 780,000 years ago. Observations of the scientists who say that the planet's magnetic field weakens, and according to them, this is a clear indication that the Earth's rotation should have a magnetic field.

Dangers that arise from the reversal of the direction of Earth's magnetic field is believed to disrupt many things, including the direction of rotation of the earth suddenly, which caused a great storm in all the earth's surface, flooding and tsunamis everywhere, including the explosion of several large volcanoes in quick succession. Even worse is that the solar wind cause changes in the earth's magnetic field. Strength of the course will make the earth's surface to heat extraordinary and will destroy all the creatures in the earth's surface is almost instant.

But some scientists argue this theory, because according to them, there is no evidence that the surface of the sun showing symptoms of the solar wind like this. Second, some scientists stated that if there is a reversal of the magnetic field, this will not probably happen quickly, because it takes at least 5000 years to happen.

2. Planet Nibiru Theory

The New Age faiths believe that in the year 2012 there will be a planet with a planet called Nibiru or X will crash, or extraordinary passing close to Earth. Collision course with the planet will destroy the earth, or at least will make the earth's surface was severely damaged due to vibration will trigger a collision earlier natural disasters. If you do not collide, then because of the distance remarkable track near you, then the earth's atmosphere will be sucked in by the planet Nibiru, consequently, thinning the earth's atmosphere and predicted a meteor shower and the damage caused by energy from the sun that will kill the population of the earth.

This theory is clearly contradicted by astronomers, because if there is a planet that moves like this, then of course the planet will be visible to the naked eye and can be seen at least equal to the magnitude of the moon in recent years.

3. Alien Arrival Theory

This theory has many circulating among UFO enthusiasts. The theory is based that the Mayans disappeared suddenly, as if all nations perish in a matter of days, it is not possible because of the war, or because of the plague. Hence, UFO enthusiasts say that the Mayans were kidnapped by a UFO, and dates they left behind was a kind of schedule, that upon completion of their calendar cycle, UFOs will come and move all the inhabitants of the earth to another place. Whether for the purpose of salvation, or even to be a kind of slave.

4. Theory of Venus Transit

This theory states that on December 21, 2012, a celestial body will have a straight-line position. Celestial bodies, among others, is the sun, a few other centers in the solar system and the center of our galaxy the Milky Way galaxy is believed to be a black hole huge (named Sgr A).

This hole was so big and also a combination of some other solar system centers that have the pull of gravity will cause enormous. Gravitational pull of the enormous trust this will damage the structure of our solar system, so most likely the earth will perish due to swallowed the sun or hit by another planet.

This theory got a lot of objection, one of which is that the position of this straight line has occurred in 1998. But rebutted by saying that there was some degree of difference that causes the effect that there is no maximum. This argument disputed by saying that Sgr A has a remarkable distance away with our planet, 30,000 light-years away! So it is not likely to happen accumulation effect of gravitational attraction like this.

So what do you believe? or you may have his own theory of what will happen in 2012? Let us share the theory.

What Will Happen in 2012?

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