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Twilight New Moon


Eighteenth birthday Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) should be the happiest day for this beautiful girl. Unfortunately due to a fortuitous event that day, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a lover Bella, it was instead decided to go far from the city of Forks where Bella lived.

Edward and his family is a vampire who tried to deny their destiny with no human prey. But when defense accidentally wounded and bleeding, Edward's father feels that no longer safe for them continue to be there. Edward's family finally decided to leave town so as not to happen Fork unwanted things all parties. Although heavy, Edward was forced to follow their parents.

Bella feels heartbroken and then vent his anger by taking his life without thinking about his own safety. Not long ago, Bella began to familiar with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) who turns out to be the werewolf or werewolf. And in a short time Bella was caught in the middle of the feud between the vampire and werewolf who has lived thousands of years.

Perhaps only a fool would have wasted a golden opportunity to reap huge profits. That's the basic concept adopted by Summit Entertainment during a successful lift Stephenie Meyer's novel into a wide-screen format in the year 2008. There is no reason not to repeat the success achieved in the novel and movie formats TWILIGHT fact that the opening section is very successful indeed be numbered even picked two names, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, a teen idol in the world.

Although the second part is entrusted to a different director but the concept remains the same beliefs, exploiting love story of two people 'different' and return to collect dollars in large quantities. To ensure uniform flow of the story remains the first part, Melissa Rosenberg will be retained as a screenwriter and the second part of this sort did not deviate from the version of the novel.

If you're honest, really is not much of the promised film titled NEW MOON is in addition to displaying two young idol had been on the silver screen. Dialogue was not too convincing as the story line is also easy to guess even if you have not read the novel. Problem acting was not really be called a brilliant and worthy of an Oscar award, but it's not the purpose of this film made. The film was made to compete at the box office.

Overall, there was a significant improvement on the visual side. Chris Weitz as the director seems to understand correctly the strength of this film and therefore do not want this one sector of welfare. Although not going to get an Oscar for acting, but Kristen Stewart look better than when he played last year in TWILIGHT. And perhaps most important is chemistry between Bella and Jake's character is played by Taylor Lautner was more powerful and helpful this movie as a whole.

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