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Supported Residents, Police Failed Disband Greenpeace Activists

Intention police forcibly disperse the action in Riau Greenpeace campaign ultimately failed miserably. This is because the public opposed the arrogant attitude of the police.

Hundreds of Bay Village community Meranti, Meranti district, Pelalawan regency, Riau supported the rescue campaign peat forests. This community acts to make the police did not dare to do the forced demolition of the activist Basecamp.

"We should have been dismissed earlier in the evening over an ultimatum by the police. But people support us and forbade us to disperse. Eventually the police relented," said Greenpeace spokesman, Zulfahmi in conversation with AFP, Sunday (15/11/2009).

Zulfahmi calls, hundreds of people this afternoon has been disbanded. They dispersed after police managed to thwart the intention of forcing the activists to come out of the location of the campaign. Although hundreds of people have been dispersed this afternoon, but tonight there are 20 people come to sleep together in Basecamp.

"Some people come with us to sleep in Basecamp. They provide support to us without any coercion," said Zulfahmi.

Zul explains, this campaign of action to save the forests of Kampar Peninsula peat. According to the rules, with the depth of peat forests over 3 meters are prohibited to be exploited.

But strangely, Minister of Forestry MS Kaban was given permission to PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) covering 56 thousand hectares. Actually owned licenses also do not meet the requirements.

"Because the license was not yet complete, we are campaigning to stop the activity immediately RAPP at these locations. We have 1000 hectares of forest have been denuded by heavy equipment. This is what we protest against the destruction of peat areas," said Zulfahmi.

If these peat forests continue to be cleared away, then go Zulfahmi, there will be 2 billion tons of carbon into the air will escape from the Kampar Peninsula peat.

Furthermore, he explained, it would make greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions will prevent sunlight reflected from earth into the atmosphere. Earlier greenhouse gases, would reflect sunlight from the earth back to earth again. As a result of the earth will get hot.

"This is our basic rescue campaign peat forests. We oppose pengerusakan peatlands by PT RAPP. We ask the government to RAPP activities must stop immediately," said Zul.

Greenpeace also asked the government to enforce the law. Where appropriate in Presidential Decree No. 32 of 1990, about the protection of specified areas of peat depth of three meters converted prohibited.

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