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President Yudhoyono in Danger of Losing Reputation

The positive perception of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's is only at 64 percent, though the research result last week was even lower at 53.85 percent. The prolonged issues around The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the Police, and Century Bank have caused the president to lose his popularity. Those three issues are connected with the president's attitude that tends to make comments instead of taking quick and concrete actions.

"For instance the president confronts the implication of his name as if he supported the KPK crimes, as heard in the record of the tapping. But the president doesn't report for vilification charges to the police," said Executive Director of the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI), Denny JA in his press release to, Friday.

The data stated by Denny based on the research of the LSI-Network Division for Public Issues on five national newspapers: Kompas, Koran Tempo, Media Indonesia, Republika, and Seputar Indonesia as of November 3 to 9, 2009.

While in the other case of vilification, said Denny, such as Zaenal Maarif's, the president reported it to the police. "The president must have his own reasons for not taking action against the implication of his name. But, the president's silence has sparked the wide-spread rumor of suspicion that the president is involved. This rumor might not be true, but it's unclarified by the president's silence," he explained.

Another issue that contributes to the flopping reputation of the president is that of the Democratic Party. This party which was formed by SBY remains the only major party absent in the motion for right of inquiry on Century Bank."The Democratic Party's absence must have its own arguments. However, considering the negative rumor that has spread widely, this confirms that the president and his circle are choosing a different view to the public sentiment," said Denny.

Moreover, the president gains no benefit from the negative rumors spreading among people, such as that the KPK is dissolved so that the Century Bank funds remains hidden, or that the Century Bank's funds flowed to a certain party's campaign team, - an opinion that grows louder from observers, LSMs (self-reliance organizations), and party members.

The final issue is the anti-climax from the president's policy in response to Team-8's recommendation. Team-8 recommended that the Bibit-Chandra case be stopped due to insufficient evidences. The president then left the recommendation up to the police and the attorney general, who have actually been suspected by public involved in this case.

"The media coverages give the impression that the police and attorney general continue to process the Bibit-Chandra case. The police and attorney general must have their own reason for refusing any intervention from any party. But, the public perception is a different matter and it already has a negative respond to this matter," he said.

According to him, the first 100 days of a new government should be a 'honey-moon'. But in fact, this new government's first 100 days are nearly spent without any positive view from the public.

"Whatever the new government will do, it will be over-shadowed by the negative perceptions already arised from the KPK-Plice-Century cases. The president's leadership is under trial. The new government in its first 100 days is threatened to be ineffective," he concluded.

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