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Movie: Ninja Assassin


Starring: Rain, Naomie Harris

Everyone thought that Ozunu Clan, a clan assassins who will not hesitate to kill a life, is a myth that living in the community for hundreds of years. But myth is something tangible for Raizo (Rain) as Raizo is part of Ozunu Clan. Raizo is one of this clan killing machine.

Raizo has become part of this clan since he was a child. Raizo kidnapped this group and for many years trained to be an effective killing machine. One mistake is to kill Ozunu good friend and Raizo this tragic event makes Raizo a large group of enemies who never knew this existed. Raizo vowed to avenge his friend and fled from Ozunu Clan.

At the same time, a Europol agent named Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) believes that there is a syndicate assassins from the Far East related to a series of murders of political officials in many countries. Ryan did not heed the commands of Maslow (Ben Miles), his boss, Mika continued investigation.

Clan Ozunu who know that their existence Mika suspect then ordered Takeshi (Rick Yune) to eliminate this agency Europol. If without the help Raizo, Mika could have died at the hands of Takeshi. Had no other choice, now Mika can only rely on the help of gang Raizo to roll this dangerous killer.

Long enough nor is there an action movie that tells about ninjas. Ninja movie itself popular in the 1980s and then a lot of films have tried to uncover the mystery cults that never existed in Japan. Create a ninja who had idolized this film probably could be a refresher for your thirst while NINJA Assassin mention this as a spectacular film still seems not quite right.

There are some weaknesses of this film and it seems to be a trademark for most of the movie countrymen. The first plot is less well-organized so that there was leakage of logic here and there. Too many coincidences that disrupt the elements of this logic was quite annoying because ultimately this film is like soap opera that just happens to be embracing the concept of the key to everything.

The decision to use as the main actor Rain seemed too trends based on the appearance of using Asian stars who later grew rampant. To be honest it was not much help because in addition had no acting background is sufficient, Rain also appear to be experiencing difficulties in terms of language.

As a result only one secret weapon that can still be used as a film director James McTeigue is action action and visual treat. Although really only using CGI techniques, but the fight scenes are bloody does look pretty good. Clear the martial arts film fans will be satisfied.

For a film that reportedly cost only about U.S. $ 50 million, NINJA Assassin can certainly say that a good visual treat. Karl Walter Lindenlaub as cameraman seemed to understand was how to present a good visual treat with the cost not too high.

Ninja Assassin

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