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Documentary Sidoarjo mud flow launched in Scottsdale, United States

Documentary filmmaker movie Immodicus SA launch of mud disaster that occurred in Porong, Sidoarjo, East Java.

Premiered on Friday (13/11) night in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, a film titled "Mud Max - An Investigation on the Sidoardjo Mud Volcano Disaster" Immodicus in cooperation with Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration.

Vulcanology expert at the School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University, Amanda Clarke said, the mountain of mud in Sidoarjo is a problem because it occurs in densely populated places. "If it happened in Texas is not populated, this may not matter," he said in the movie.

Mesi had eaten a lot of casualties, the cause of the mud disaster was still "dark". In this problem, the expert opinion into two camps.

"Faction that triggered the tetjadi Yogyakarta earthquake two days before the mud out, and who said the disaster was due to errors in the drilling of Banjar Panji 1 well," said geologist from Australia, Mark Tingay, whose opinion is also shown in the documentary.

Director Mud Max, Chris Fong, deliberately showing both sides of the argument. "Both our opinion give a place," he said before the launch of the film. Faction "human error" represented among petroleum engineers Institut Teknologi Bandung, Rudi Rubiandini, and faction "earthquake" represented an expert mountain of mud and geologists from the University of Oslo, Adriano Mazzini.

The two sides last debate in Cape Town in mid-2008. At that time, through a vote to assess the presentation the two camps, most geologists at the meeting were more likely to believe in the cause of the disaster was the fault of drilling. However, this voting later canceled.

The hot mud gushing from under the first time Porong, approximately 200 meters southwest of the well eksporasi gas wells and oil owned Banjar Panji 1 PT Lapindo Brantas. on May 29, 2006. Until the middle of this year, the disaster that has caused at least 50 thousand 10 thousand people lost their homes. They are residents in 12 villages in three districts.

Catastrophic losses were estimated at around Rp 45 trillion per year. According Airlangga University economics professor, Tjuk Sukiadi Kasturi who do these calculations, the figure is based on the accumulated loss of people's assets, potential income, losses due to damage to infrastructure, and the paralysis of transportation.

"Mud was even slow the rate the economy of East Java province, because 40 percent of the economic movement in this province was through Porong," he told Tempo last June.

According to Fong, the film-making motives are purely matters of professional work. "To win at the festival," he said. This is also a business. According to the makers of five films about Indonesia, mud disaster in Sidoarjo has become the subject and one of the most interesting geophysical phenomena in the world.

Fong Mazzini justify opinions. Mountain mud phenomenon is important for science because of the events recorded since the beginning. "Most of the mountain mud phenomenon is observed only when it's dormant," he said in the movie.

Fong - director serial documentary "Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey" and "National Geographic: Seconds from Disaster" - express, to explore the facts and issues to unravel the scientific, economic, humanitarian and political phenomena, it involves the researchers, geologists, drilling experts to.

No wonder the 47-minute length movies that has animated computer graphics that require production time for 27 months. Fong revealed, the film's currently being offered National Geographic.

"Metro TV also has expressed interest," said the man who was preparing a documentary about this Yogyakarta earthquake.


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