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Adnan Buyung Nasution (CV)

The former prosecutor who became a powerful advocate of this since childhood had seemed talented activists. Once a member of the parliament but direcall. Idle time to one year before opening an office lawyer (advocate) and form the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute which later became known as YLBHI and the locomotive of democracy. 

Jakarta, July 20, 1934
- Elementary School, Yogyakarta (1947)
- Junior High School I, Yogyakarta (1951)
- Senior High School I Jakarta (1951)
- Faculty of Law and Science Society University of Indonesia (1964)
- International Legal Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia (1959)
- University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (1992, S3)
- Attorney / Attorney General's Head of Public Relations (1957-1968)
- Member of DPRS / MPRS (1966-1968)
- Director / Chairman of the Board's Legal Aid (1970-1986)
- Chairman of YLBHI (1981-1983)
- Chairman of the DPP PERADIN (1977)
- Advocate / Legal Consultant Adnan Buyung & Associates (now)
Other activities:
- Chairman of the Branch Youth Students Association of Indonesia, Jakarta (1951-1953)
- Members of Students' Association Bandung (1954-1955)
- Member of Association of the NT Attorney (1960-1966)
- Founder and Chairman of the Movement Executive Ampera (1964-1966)
- Member of Command Action Penggayangan Gestapu (1965-1966)
- Founder and Chairman of the Regional Council on Human Rights in Asia, Manila, Philippines (19,820
Home Address:
Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto 70, Jakarta Pusat Phone 335,466
Office Address:
Adnan Buyung Nasution and Partner
Wisma Danamon Aetna, Fl. 18
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 45-46

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