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37,000 Complaints from Public to KPK

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has so far received around 37,000 complaints from the people from across the country, KPK Deputy Chairman Haryono Umar said here on Tuesday. Of the number, only around 20 percent could be categorized as corruption cases under the authority of KPK, he said at the announcement of the 2009 "Corruption Perception Index" (CPI) made by  Transparency International Indonesia.
He said the big number of complaints that had been addressed to KPK showed how enthusiastic the people were towards the antigraft body. He added however that not all of the complaints were under the authority of KPK.
Based on Article 11 of Law Number 30 of 2002 KPK is authorized to conduct probe, investigation and prosecution on state officials, law enforcement officials and others linked to corruption cases as well as other cases that drew a lot of attention from the public or cases relating to a potential loss of at least Rp1 billion in state money. Haryono said that administrative order had been felt since around 2005. Before administration has been in disorder creating conditions potential to make people conduct irregularities.

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