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The Baby Book

Since its first edition in 1993, this book has been dubbed "a book about the development of infants required" by millions of parents. He teaches skills and how to respond to care for the baby's needs appropriately. Explanations and tips are given to make parenting much easier and enjoyable.
As medical professionals and parents of eight children, Dr.. Bill and Martha Sears wanted to share their experiences and information with you. Their discussion in this book focuses on the primary needs of babies who are cared for the parents of today: eating, sleeping, development, health, and comfort.
This book collects as well as collecting the knowledge and skills caring for, feeding, manage nutrients, melesatkan development, and health problems common in infants. In addition, the book also emphasizes the concept of loving parenting (attachment parenting): soft approach and sense of care that emphasize bonding with your baby, responding to cues, breastfeeding, memopokinya, sleep with him, and set the boundaries right.
Not only complete, this book also presents a practical and modern approach to parenting that is consistent with today's lifestyles. By acknowledging the absence of a single way of caring for a baby, this book presents the basic guidelines and thinking that you need to develop a parenting style that works best for you and your child.

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